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When it rains, it pours... [Jul. 17th, 2007|10:28 am]
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So I sent out approximately 50 headshots and resumes two weeks ago.  Response?  Nothing.
One week ago, I sent out 15 emails to various casting directors and artistic directors with technical positions available.  Maybe Sam was right.  Maybe I should go tech.  Here's why:

The AD of George Street Playhouse emailed me about their TD position.
A producer from Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment contacted me regarding their touring sound technician position for their upcoming tour to China.
I got a two week job as a stage manager for a new theatre company (Equity showcase).
I did get a callback for George Street Playhouse's touring company -- but the callback is at 6:30 and its in New Brunswick.  And my car has no A/C.
And to top it off, I got a $17/hr office job from a temp agency recommended to me by the director of My Inner Mark Berman.  Who says networking doesn't pay?

Of course if I get the China tour, I'm quitting the $17/hr office gig.  The tour would pay $800/week (plus the per diem) as opposed to $637/week.  AND I'D GET TO GO TO CHINA FOR FREE.